Farmers, Fairness & the Farm Bill

where issues of producers, policy and equity converge

A Collaborative Research Project with Rural Coalition, National Family Farm Coalition & American University's School of International Service (Washington, DC)

past events 

Community-based, participatory action-research methodologies: An ongoing dialogue

HOST: Dr. Graddy-Lovelace, Dr. Bratman

DATE: February 6th, 2015

This informal workshop explored the intellectual heritage and the current need for community-based, participatory action-research methodologies in international studies research. It created a forum wherein scholars from across disciplines (from policy studies to geography, communication to public health) and civil society-leaders shared their experiences in collaboratively designing, implementing and disseminating robust research on pressing social issues.


u.s. farm bill 2012: policy and potential

HOST: Global Environmental Politics Program

DATE: April 27th, 2012

The Global Environmental Politics Program within SIS hosted a conversation about the (then) upcoming 2012 Farm Bill. The symposium explored the national and international implications of the policy and its potential for cultivating socially just and ecologically sustainable agri-food systems. 

Community partnered action research on and for U.S. agricultural policy