Farmers, Fairness & the Farm Bill

where issues of producers, policy and equity converge

A Collaborative Research Project with Rural Coalition, National Family Farm Coalition & American University's School of International Service (Washington, DC)


The Stories are a series of film featurettes and audio broadcasts created by American University Global Environmental Politics Graduate Students as a final capstone project in 2013. This series attempts to convey the stories and opinions of people directly involved in the production and development of the U.S. food and farm system. Created under the auspices of another pending "U.S. Farm Bill", the series aims to inform all people about a piece of legislation that has the power to directly affect their lives, and the lives of millions of people worldwide.

While we’re very interested in having fresh, healthy’s always much more than that. We need to be replanting people on the land where they belong, in communities where they belong and protecting the land because we have to think not only of now, but of the future.
— Lorrette Picciano, Rural Coalition

The current system isn’t working for the family farmers that we represent and the solution has to be one that is based on food sovereignty and based on farmers really being able to have control over their commodities, over their grain, over their livestock, over their dairy cows, over whatever they’re producing.
— Kathy Ozer, National Family Farm Coalition

We are very concerned about the commodity payments that do distort the creates market advantages for certain commodities that are sometimes in direct competition and provides market advantages, internationally, for other farmers who don’t have that safety net system to be able to compete in that market. The same thing even occurs in the United States, we find places where farm payments have been the highest, are also those areas where we’ve had the greatest acceleration of depopulation and highest rates of poverty.
— Jim French, Oxfam America

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